Our mission is to contribute to a better health

Unimedic Pharma is a fully integrated Swedish specialty pharma company with broad experience in drug development, distribution, and marketing of pharmaceuticals. We supply the Nordic region and northern Europe with a wide range of pharmaceuticals in several therapeutic areas. The company has a contract development and manufacturing organisation.

Our history

Strong heritage in drug development

The contract and manufacturing organisation started in the mid-60’s as an extempore pharmacy of the time, privately owned and located in Matfors in the middle of Sweden. In the 1970’s, pharmacies were all nationalised and the laboratory in Matfors became part of ACO. In the 1980s the facility was first owned by Kabi, and later by Pharmacia. Unimedic AB was founded in 1992 by Nils Ivrell, Lennart Leyonberg and Kenth-Olov Norman when Pharmacia ceased production. Since 2006, Unimedic is a wholly owned subsidiary of MedCap AB (publ), listed on Nasdaq Stockholm Mid Cap. Today, the parent company of the group is Unimedic Pharma Holding AB; the group includes Unimedic AB and Unimedic Pharma AB.

Vision, Mission and Values

Enable life to the better

Our vision is to enable life to the better. By developing niche pharmaceuticals for children and adults with special medical needs in close collaboration with the healthcare sector, we strive to reach our vision. Further, acquisitions and long-term strategic partnerships are fundamental initiatives to continually introduce and launch new pharmaceuticals. The company core values reflect our core principles and ethics. The values are the basis of our culture and provide guidance in our daily work. Our mission forms the backbone of the business while our vision provides us a deeper purpose and direction.



We challenge ourselves every day, to become better tomorrow.

Heart centered

Heart centered

We believe in balancing feelings and business orientation.



We believe in our capabilities; we are also honest of what we yet not master.

Work with us

We work together to strengthen company core values and build a culture based on courage, curiosity, and heart centeredness. We believe in an informal environment where employees are encouraged to take responsibility for their work and are empowered to take decisions. It keeps us agile, energized, and maintain our entrepreneurial spirit.

Our team spirit is strong, and well founded in an environment which allows us to thrive, grow, encourage, and challenge each other. We like to laugh and have fun together. At Unimedic Pharma, we are curious about getting to know each other and our partners, and to fully understand company mission and vision. Our employees have the courage to challenge the status quo and explore new ideas. We advocate cross-functional cooperation where individual responsibility outweighs hierarchical governance. The feeling of pride from doing something that really matters and making a difference is important to all of us in the company.


Sourcing specialist unlicensed pharmaceuticals

We are looking for an energetic and self-motivated person with experience of working with pharmaceuticals for one of our business areas.

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Expressing interest

Are we the company for you? Please feel welcome to contact us at work@unimedicpharma.se.

Strong company culture and committed personnel are enormously important. It’s fundamental for a prosperous workplace and successful business. Talented employees who take responsibility and are empowered to make their own decisions make us agile, energized, and open for entrepreneurial thinking. The efforts of getting everything in place goes on every day and we learn from each other on this journey. We work hard to strengthen the company’s values and build a culture based on courage, curiosity and heart centered.

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Senior executives

Unimedic Pharma Johan Frödin

Johan Frödin, CEO

E-mail: name.name@unimedic.se

Unimedic Pharma Peter

Peter Hallman, CFO

E-mail: name.name@unimedicpharma.se

Unimedic Pharma Peter

Anette Sjödin, Head of Business Development

E-mail: name.name@unimedicpharma.se

Unimedic Pharma Marianne

Marianne Busekist, Head of Human Relations

E-mail: name.name@unimedicpharma.se

Unimedic Pharma Ann-Sofi

Ann-Sofi Allard, Head of Sales & Marketing

E-mail: name.name@unimedicpharma.se

Unimedic Pharma Anna

Anna Karlsson, Head of Regulatory Affairs

E-mail: name.name@unimedicpharma.se

Unimedic Pharma Magnus

Magnus Ivarsson, Head of Market Access & Governmental Affairs

E-mail: name.name@unimedicpharma.se

Unimedic Pharma Janet

Janet Post, Head of Drug Safety & PV /QPPV

E-mail: name.name@unimedicpharma.se

Unimedic Pharma Maria

Eva Hedlund, Head of Quality Assurance /RP

E-mail: name.name@unimedicpharma.se

Unimedic Pharma Linda Nordberg

Linda Nordberg, Head of Non-License

E-mail: name.name@unimedicpharma.se

Code of conduct

The Unimedic Pharma Code of Conduct is structured around Company Values and the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact. The company core values serve as our moral compass and guide us in our decisions. This code of conduct ensures employees, temporary personnel and consultants comply with applicable laws and other relevant regulations when conducting business on behalf of Unimedic Pharma. Everyone is responsible to perform in line with company high ethical standards when interacting with healthcare professionals, customers, and other stakeholders.

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